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Packing for an International Trip When You’re Completely Clueless

You might want to stop reading now if you're looking for my well-tested tips on packing for international travel. In the title of this post, I'm the completely clueless one. (Remember the whole "hardly ever leaves Idaho" thing?) But I'm also a planner, so I'm not letting myself stay completely clueless. Reduce Cluelessness Tactic 1: … Continue reading Packing for an International Trip When You’re Completely Clueless

On Fear

Image of a road leading through a dark forest by Johannes Plenio from Pixabay

It's May 1. That means we leave for Italy this month. The countdown on my kids' whiteboard now says "19 days." I'm beyond excited. But I'm also terrified. I'm scared I'll lose my passport, or my phone, or my camera, or the keys to our Italian apartment. I'm scared my kids are going to lose … Continue reading On Fear