Dressing for Italy

Before coming to Viterbo, I did a lot of practical, random, and/or anxiety-induced Google searches about life in Italy. Several of those were related to what to wear -- what would be seasonally appropriate and help us blend in at least a teeny bit with the locals? The internet was packed with advice. Italians wear … Continue reading Dressing for Italy

Lemon Fanta

I know I've promised my thoughts on Rome. I know I should report on yesterday's adventure to Orvieto and Civita de Bagnoregio. I've kept this blog fairly light, but I should probably bust out something contemplative and deep one of these days. But not today. Today I'm going to talk about Lemon Fanta. It's a … Continue reading Lemon Fanta

Packing for an International Trip When You’re Completely Clueless

You might want to stop reading now if you're looking for my well-tested tips on packing for international travel. In the title of this post, I'm the completely clueless one. (Remember the whole "hardly ever leaves Idaho" thing?) But I'm also a planner, so I'm not letting myself stay completely clueless. Reduce Cluelessness Tactic 1: … Continue reading Packing for an International Trip When You’re Completely Clueless